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Bankruptcy-Lift of Automatic Stay

Protecting Your Interests

Sprigg-Novak Law is admitted to several Texas Federal Courts.  When you are a property owner and face a Tenant who declares bankruptcy while owing you rental money, or simply staying at your leased property, you face a challenge above and beyond the normal eviction procedures. 

Under the Federal Bankruptcy protections, a lease is considered a property right, and you a creditor to the tenant who filed for bankruptcy.  The Federal Bankruptcy Court now controls your lease and payments and the Automatic Stay prevents any further litigation to remove the tenant or collect rent to move forward without its consent!

We appear in the bankruptcy court for you, and will motion the court to remove the stay to allow the eviction to proceed in the Texas State Courts.  Removing the bankruptcy stay can be a time consuming process because the Federal Courts are not in a hurry to deal with your single issue.  There are several ways that Sprigg-Novak can assist you in getting the bankruptcy stay lifted.  We will work with you to understand the nature of your tenant situation and provide you with a clear plan on how we will work diligently to remove the stay as quickly as possible.