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Whether an HOA looking for legal assistance in assessments, fines or disputes, or creation, or a home owner within an association that needs representation in dealing with their HOA, we provide the experience and know-how to resolve the matter. Regardless of what side you may be in an HOA, the laws are complex and confusing. Additionally, we understand that dealing with, or being an HOA is a difficult matter because emotions run high when issues involved someone’s home. Our method is to listen first, provide clear, understandable counsel and guidance, and attempt to solve whatever the matter is reasonably. Failing that, we are versed in all levels of litigation involving HOA’s and homeowners, including foreclosure. If the situation calls for aggressive representation, we can and will be forceful advocates. Overall, we understand that HOAs and homeowners still will have to live together after the issue is resolved, and we approach each situation with the goal of long term relationships.

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