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Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or a brand new and looking to ‘flip’ your first house, you may still need help when you’re the winning bidder at the monthly foreclosure auction.  We can assist you to take possession of your new property when the former homeowner or their tenants are still residing there or when they try to fight the results of the foreclosure and auction.  We handle all facets of post-foreclosure litigation including evictions and assist our clients with post-foreclosure claims as well as responding to temporary restraining orders and injunctions that are filed to block investors from obtaining possession of their new properties.

Cases We Handle:

  • Post-foreclosure evictions of the former homeowners
  • Post-foreclosure interaction and eviction of tenants of the former homeowners
  • Representation of foreclosure auction purchasers in post-foreclosure lawsuits filed by the former homeowners
  • Assisting in lifting post-foreclosure bankruptcy stays
Post foreclosure evictions