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Sprigg-Novak law is experienced with matters beyond real estate and contract litigation. These matters require attorneys well-versed in the rules and statutes governing civil litigation in order to protect your interests.   Such matters include: 

Cease and Desist Actions:

A cease and desist action occurs when a person or entity does something that is considered harassing or detrimental to another parties peace of mind or financial situation.  Cease and Desist actions require immediate response to the offense and starts with a well drafted letter that informs the offending party of the consequences of their actions.  Should the actions continue, a law suit requesting a Temporary Restraining Order or Temporary Injunction can follow where the person is restrained by the Court’s order and if they violate, are accountable to the contempt power of a court of law.

Representation During Deposition

Depositions are similar to testifying in court at trial.  Whether you are a party to the lawsuit or a material witness whose testimony will impact the outcome of the trial without direct consequences to you, having an experienced litigator to assist you can make these matters less stressful.  The parties are allowed to ask a wide manner of questions against one another to determine information that could not be obtained, or needs to be clarified in the regular discovery process.  Although few objections an attorney may make to protect his client during a deposition, an experienced litigator present at the deposition makes sure that no bullying or other unscrupulous behavior will take place during the process.  If you find yourself subpoenaed to be depositioned, consider hiring the experience litigators at Sprigg-Novak Law Firm  to represent you during that procedure.

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