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General Litigation

Commercial real estate litigation involves issues which can impact the revenue stream of a business, such as non-payment issues or contract disputes over which entity is to build or supply or remove objects in the real property.   Since Commercial disputes can involve large sums of money, you will need litigators who have the resources to fight the dispute through the litigation process and who are experts in all phase of “motion practice” yielding  positive results without the expense of a trial.

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Non-payment of Broker Fees

No one likes to work for free.  When a commercial leasing entity refuses to pay the broker who has found either the leasing tenant or has found a building for a commercial entity to lease, someone’s livihood is at stake.  Brokers fees amount to 3-6% of the annual lease fee over the term of years so it is a significant revenue for the broker.  Sprigg-Novak law approaches the non-payee as they do with all potential litigation opponents-straight forward giving an opportunity to correct before filing any lawsuit.


Commercial encroachments differ from residential encroachments generally in the how big the encroachment is. Commercial lands and buildings have a much bigger footprint, so when an encroachment is involves one wall of an entire warehouse or even an apartment building, you will need experienced litigators to draft and guide you through the process of obtaining your damages, or if on the encroaching side, minimize your payments for the damage.

Other Commercial Real Estate Cases We Handle:

  • Easement disputes
  • Property Damage
  • Trespass
  • Sales or Lease transactions
  • Deceptive Seller/Buyer claims
  • Deed Restrictions
  • Contractor disputes
  • Improper/defective installations or repairs
  • Lease/Sales/Brokerage Contract Review
  • Commercial tenant bankruptcy
  • Deeds: drafting, researching title